Charity Damar Kills it in Gospel and Beauty

Charity is a Kenyan gospel artist. famed for her song ”asemayo” among others.

She effortlessly dresses to kill. many netizens have mistaken her for a socialite which she aint. her body, patched in well tailored dresses speaks of a conscious,detailed,gracious woman.

Mind blowing as she may look, Charity is humble to the core,often choosing to concentrate on her songs and personal development than her looks.

her powerful gospel songs, not only a source of inspiration and spiritual touch, but also a medium of evangelism.

Based in Kisumu-Kenya, she does gigs, events and church appearances. “i focus on the power of my voice,” she says. “in a world where most people choose the short easy path, i choose the long one of toils and hard work”

She links her good morals to better upbringing and personal values. “life is a choice” she concludes..

16 thoughts on “Charity Damar Kills it in Gospel and Beauty

  1. Beautifully and wonderfully made to serve Him above, I love this dear.Go go go for more darling… Napendaaaaa

  2. Brave woman.
    My favorite 😍 person
    My super Squad beauty…
    My Best Gospel inspirational Artiste.
    The one who makes me feel like there’s Hope in life after Corona.

  3. Very humble to the core. Deep down is a stylish gospel artist who knows her stuff. Uses her songs to effortlessly pass the message. God bless you my favourite gospel artist.

  4. My super woman have no doubts najua u can make it go go my gal …my best gospel artist unapendwa mammy❤️❤️

  5. She is a beauty with the voice n power, nothing can stop her. I love her taste of fashion and she knows how much am into this.👏🏾👏🏾

  6. Charity is the real meaning of elegance. (She is the elegance). She is a role model and mentor to many. Her songs are highly inspirational. Her voice is top notch. She’s in her own class. Keep it up nyar Kisumu.

  7. Beautiful soul she is …..may the good Lord always open ways for you to continue with this …go for it dear

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