Gone without a trace

Have you seen him?

He has been missing since 18th March, 2020

His mother is a hawker in the NRB CBD. On that day she had gone to sell with the boy. They were along aga khan walk. At 3pm the mum went to buy lunch and left the boy with another lady friend whom they sell together. Something else got the attention of this lady and that’s how the boy disappeared. And she thought probably he had followed the mother so when the mum came back,that’s when it dawned on them that the boy had gotten lost.

1.Name-Alvin Mwangi
2.Age -5yrs
3.Gender- Male
4.Residence-Mathare slums
5.County of occurrence-Nairobi
6.Name of school- Missions of Hope- Kossovo branch
7.Date last seen-18/03/2020 @3pm
8.Where last seen-Nairobi CBD
9.Last seen wearing,Navy blue trouser,navy blue sweater,blue rubber shoes
10.No birthmark/unique feature
11.No medical condition
12.Reported at Central Police station
13.Contact person

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