Corazone Litch Saphane, the beauty queen on the airwaves.

When news of her much publicized breakup hit netizens, everyone rushed on to her wall…their intention,albeit on hushed tones, was to see her break, spew venom and make it a real time drama. This was never to be

the trolls and cyber bullying continued, amongst those that barely knew her. they touched her character and that of her family, and still went to her wall to say how strong she was. How ludicrous.

It was a painful experience. many would have slide into depression. her job was on the line,but she held on, every single day, quiet, composed, focused and ignored all the trolls-atleast publicly.

But something stood out of her. her flawless mastery of the spoken word. both English and Kiswahili. Her beauty notwithstanding. of importance to note was that no one attacked her on her prowess, the power of her voice and her ability to either articulate issues on her TV shows or anchor.Her power, as a woman of valor, scaled higher.

She was a semblance of Mitchelle Obama’s words, “…when they go low, we go high”

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