venom in the brains of Majority of Kenyan population.

Call it post covid or on-covid, but the recent happenings in Kenya fits it to a very interesting story line in a political movie, ” COVERT AFFAIRS- KENYAN EDITTION”

The government created a crisis, publicly shutting down the airport in the media while secretly allowing flights to operate, to locking down Nairobi.. ( today i checked in at Singapore airport to Doha while KQ flight to NBO was on the ramp, taxing ) of which these passengers pay for their quarantine fees in both government institutions and privately owned hotels owned by senior government officials.

However, what interests me is how politics is played in such times. After the Kihika-Murkomen ouster, Uhuru becomes a student of “Art Of War” that “…whoever trusts more in cavalry than in infantry,or more in infantry than in cavalry, must settle for the location.

The chicks are cowed, the Ruto allied nominated senators are apologizing, Necessity compelled the Captain to unleash fear, the nominated Mps like Sanko are shifting camps…”….for the forces of the adversary diminish more with the loss of those who flee, than with those who are killed ,even though the names of the fugitives is suspect to the new friends and odious to the old”

In the wake of potential new alignments, at the expense of the suffering Kenyans, the unwise, inept,irrational voters celebrate. the voters that have constantly put such leaders in office will not see the need for change. They will still be inclined to tribal and politics of personalities. Such voters still believe in Uhuru, Ruto and Raila…and you are lefgt wondering what Corona is waiting with them.

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